Hublot watches fuss with 30 ° catamaran tourbillon sapphire crystal limited wrist watch

Recently, new cheap hublot watches uk on saleHublot watches rich new 30 ° catamaran tourbillon watch sapphire crystal 8 pieces of limited release. With the continuous development of advanced technology, 100% sapphire crystal casing in advanced watchmaking is like spring. Hublot watches fuss joined Richard miller, watch, when Henry longed for, MB&F, alex tabulation brands such as parker.


Sapphire crystal case using triple type architecture — Hublot watches, shell and bottom, with long screw and nut is fixed. Watchcase size 49.95 mm x 17.15 mm, than conventional released after 30 °catamaran tourbillon wrist watch of larger diameter 2 mm.

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The watch with a manual winding mechanical movement, movement by 385 parts have been assembled, equipped with rapid rotation and superimposed four segments clockwork box, at 10 o ‘clock and 11 o ‘clock position, power storage can provide 120 hours.Through the end of sapphire crystal table, can enjoy German silver bridge plate carefully polishing, nickel, palladium, polishing chamfering and frosted surface. Sapphire crystal ring is equipped with the hour time scale with the minute hand shows the time information. The small second hand and power storage display with white gold.It is reported, this watch for $1.1 million.

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That hublot watches supported the second yacht race in Moscow

The hublot watches list for the second consecutive year sponsored Moscow yacht race on Augest 13th, 2016 in Moscow. This year, the event was held in Moscow river the royal yacht club, yacht season marked the Burevestnik group officially unveiled.

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Moscow yacht race is a unique sailing holiday, this year’s tournament attracted 17 yachts to participate. Fyodor Lukash driving Cobalt 222 victory, and yacht trophy won the watch list. That watch hublot watches area in eastern Europe brand director Benoit Lecigne to champion award – a Classic Fusion Opaline wrist watch.
That watch hublot watches has been through the prestigious partnership, such as the famous Monaco oceanographic museum and research institute, charming Sardinia cher port wharf, and trails capa mar Nautiko royal club, sponsored yacht movement. This year, watch hublot watches Burevestnik group, hand in hand, second Moscow yacht race held Burevestnik group is one of the largest yacht Russian market dealers. Pay tribute to the great tradition, a firm focus on the future, this statement clearly shows that watch hublot watches “fusion of art,” the spirit of philosophy.

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Hublot watches, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe, said: “all along, the watch list and is closely connected with sea and ocean, from the name of that watch list (the word” hand “in French means’ port ‘) to watch classic design, charming port from famous museums to become attached to hand in hand. Sponsorship support powerboat events held in central Moscow, is perfect., speed, water sports, sports moral and entertainment spirit…… all these, value concept is that watch list.”

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That hublot watch sponsored 2016 4th aspen tournament

The fourth watch aspen cheap hublot watches tournament (hand Polo Cup Ascona) in Switzerland Maggiore Lake (Lake Maggiore) held resort Augest 5 to 10, 2016. Aspen kerner with pleasant waters, on the shores of lake promenade, beautiful villas and luxury hotel is famous .Magnificent horse racing, enthusiastic cheers, defining the usher in India.Russia and Brazil team, after the prestigious tournament this year added a taste in dubai. Festive atmosphere, and colorful activities, the fourth watches aspen hublot watches tournament have a breath from the Orient. Has cooperative relations with all over the world famous polo tournament that watch list, very honored to the fourth year in a row with kerner worked hand in hand, as the event sponsor and official time. That watch list this year, hublot watches tournament attracted more than 4000 outside of Switzerland and Swiss guests attending, excellent event organization work left a deep impression to the person

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Brand, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe comments that watches for kerner commitment, he said: “sports is an important part of that watch the world polo is not just a simple movement, but also an art. The polo’s
unique charm, is a professional watch list TAB skills and direct embodiment of luxurious idea. Now,watches very honored to be able to continue to cooperate with the scottsdale, o polo tournament, dynamic.The organizing committee will season organization in order that watch watches to extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to them.