Hublot watches launch Connected smart watch 18k rose gold

The Monaco grand prix for Hublot watches new luxury watch 18 k rose gold Connected intelligence provides the perfect environment. Connected smart watches by the tiger Hublot watches with Intel and Google to research and development.New paragraph 18 k rose gold and former generation on the quality.Function and performance is not.

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Hublot watch 18 k rose gold Connected intelligence 46 mm in diameter.The continuation of traditional classic designs. Using a new generation of lithium battery, battery can maintain all day, 4 gb of memory, with a small microphone, through Google voice to call control and sapphire crystal glass touch screen, 3 o ‘clock position with crown, a variety of built-in control, and touch screen and perfect collocation, supplement each other. This watch has a daily life waterproof performance, waterproof IP67 performance level.
These wrist watches with Android 4.3 + or iOS 8.2 +. Smartphone easy synchronization in the system, and USES the contact charger, as long as the wrist watch in device can be charged.

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Hublot watches 18 k rose gold Connected intelligence have two years warranty period.The period is consistent with the brand maintenance standards adopted by other wrist watch. Any purchase of tiger elegant 18 k rose gold wrist watch users are Connected intelligence will have the opportunity to exchange it for mechanical watch with a pure Swiss movement.

In two years after the warranty period, the user can go to tiger Hublot watches boutique will tiger Hublot watches Connected smart watches made in exchange for the Swiss Carrera Calibre 5 card laila mechanical watches. This mechanical watch with tiger Hublot watches Connected smart watches similar design, also to grade 2 titanium, the owner of the wrist watch is designed for Connected intelligence development and special offers.Hublot watches new 18 k rose gold Connected smart watches price $9900.

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