Hublot Watches open a new flagship store in Melbourne St Collins Lane

Swiss luxury Hublot brand Watches celebrating Melbourne brand new flagship store grand opening, world-class luxury retail store location Melbourne area St Collins Lane.Friends of the Hublot Watches brand, Olympic gold medalist Lydia Lassila.Australian rules football legend Scott Pendlebury.Australia edition of GQ publishers, editors, Nick Smith.The Australian version of Vogue, deputy editor of Sophie Tedmanson, and Hublot Watches Australia acting general manager Bruce Grinter to attend the opening ceremony of the “flagship store.

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After the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, to pay tribute to Hublot Watches “fearless challenge Achievement of self “spirit idea.Olympic freestyle skiing aerial skill gold medalist Lydia Lassila accept the ultimate stress test, the Batak simulator (used for testing high level athletes and hand-eye coordination reaction time) on the set speed challenge standard for tourists. In the end, the elegant guest Nathan Fergus fear pressure, the victory.

A new flagship store covers an area of 137 square meters show brand avant-garde retail design concept. Flagship store development decoration by elegant interior design and construction team to complete.To explore understanding brand sports, art, life style and traditional skills such as Switzerland four areas to provide the perfect environment.

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The opening of the flagship store in Melbourne for Hublot Watches development strategy of the dynamics of the retail market in Australia. After the Hublot Watches have set up brand flagship stores in Sydney and Brisbane. By the end of 2016, Hublot Watches plans to open two flagship stores in Australia. So the Hublot Watches flagship store in Australia’s main city number will reach five.


Hublot Watches Australia acting general manager Bruce Grinter, said: “I’m very glad to open a new flagship store in Melbourne St Collins Lane. The flagship shop USES the avant-garde design concept, for visitors to explore Hublot Watches four areas provides an exciting experience of 360 °. Plus Sydney and Brisbane flagship store, in 2016 and is about to open two new flagship store, elegant the latest retail development in Melbourne, will further promote the brand development strategy of dynamic retail market in Australia.”

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