The idea of Hublot head for Swiss watches in the future

In general, Apple’s products are very few people go to ridicule, but Apple Watch is a special case, whether “bad” or users, attitude towards it is mixed.

Famous watch brand replica Hublot (Hublot), the director of the Alexander Schmiedt said in an interview a few days ago, want to through the latest technology with the Swiss watch industry has existed in 400 against is impossible, because the life of electronic devices usually only a few years.

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Alexander Schmiedt said: “our products has a long update cycle, with the modern science and technology. But I want to say is, maybe this (technology) products are very popular today, but a year later Hublot classic fusion watches will be out of date. After two years if you still use it, it will be made fun of the people around you. So I predict, in before the end of 2020, including Apple Watch the smart Watch will become the laughing stock of the industry, rather than envy by the industry.

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In addition, the tiger elegant President of Apple also Watch have similar comments, he also thinks Apple Watch soon become obsolete, and Swiss watches for another one hundred years will not go out of style.

Do you think Apple Watch pretend bility is high, or the Swiss watches pretend bility high?

Luxury brands Hublot watch business obtained fairly satisfactory results

Its focus on the development of the watch business have obtained fairly satisfactory result, it is mainly composed of some new color series products, and ms Boheme watch push on. “Ms Lambert said, replica bublot watches are out of stock, this is pretty amazing.” It is understood that the Hublot Boheme series to once, when it is out of stock now, so this series of cheap Hublot watches you have buy?

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Power market men, had not seen
Its world debut on August 28, 2014, Hublot BIG BANG Watches ms treasure the sunrise (Boheme) watch and jewelry series, this is the first time Hublot designed for women launched high complex function machine series products. It is understood that the push ms treasure the sunrise watch and jewelry series, the reason is he too severe decline in the performance in China, operating profit fell 2013 euros in 120 million compared to 43 million euros, fell 64%. In the face of the decline in the performance, Hublot management may not don’t want to turn around and look forward to by market power women “salvation” brand and performance.

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However, the past orientation have been predominantly male consumers Hublot to dabble in female market! Shanghai wealth quality, said dean rainbo “Hublot power women consumer market, just off the Hublot brand core competitiveness, in fact, at present in China, men of luxury consumption is growing rapidly, Hublot should be more focused on their own core strengths. And now, Hublot seems to be in his short board of long board compete with others. I think the current chaos Hublot strategy, investors are eager to see the return on investment and ignores the product positioning, want to use diversity to drive growth, actual it is a huge barrier to set themselves up.”

Today, from the Hublot’s treasure the sunrise lady wrist watch time was also nearly a year, but ms Hublot’s treasure the sunrise watch handed over a satisfactory result. “Ms Lambert said, watches are out of stock, this is pretty amazing.”
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As Hublot Boheme flagship series of wrist watch, Boheme series calendar jewelry watches proves that modern women have the beauty of mature, independent, and courageous, the more will pick up the calendar function of mechanical machine core lady wrist watch function definition ascend to a new level. Through the 36.00 mm in diameter of 18 k rose gold case with sapphire crystal glass watches back, automatic chain mechanical movement MB 29.15 May. In order to ensure the Hublot Boheme series calendar jewelry watches with the highest standards of accuracy and durability, each one wrist watch needs to be before they go out in the Hublot tested up to 500 hours of uninterrupted operation.