The idea of Hublot head for Swiss watches in the future

In general, Apple’s products are very few people go to ridicule, but Apple Watch is a special case, whether “bad” or users, attitude towards it is mixed.

Famous watch brand replica Hublot (Hublot), the director of the Alexander Schmiedt said in an interview a few days ago, want to through the latest technology with the Swiss watch industry has existed in 400 against is impossible, because the life of electronic devices usually only a few years.

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Alexander Schmiedt said: “our products has a long update cycle, with the modern science and technology. But I want to say is, maybe this (technology) products are very popular today, but a year later Hublot classic fusion watches will be out of date. After two years if you still use it, it will be made fun of the people around you. So I predict, in before the end of 2020, including Apple Watch the smart Watch will become the laughing stock of the industry, rather than envy by the industry.

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In addition, the tiger elegant President of Apple also Watch have similar comments, he also thinks Apple Watch soon become obsolete, and Swiss watches for another one hundred years will not go out of style.

Do you think Apple Watch pretend bility is high, or the Swiss watches pretend bility high?

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