Replica Hublot watch brand and manufacturers into the field of smart watches

Qualcomm, Hublot and sowing company jointly announced a strategic partnership.It published jointly wrist watch series of standardized intelligence solution.Help traditional Replica Hublot watch brand and manufacturers into the field of smart watches.

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Hublot MP-12 Watches joint qualcomm and information communication Launch a clock intelligent solution.This initiative is launched by Hublot founded four years.It has been with tencent, Swarovski, and alibaba gradually established cooperative partnership. Recently reflected boring technology announced A complete A + wheel 25.5 million RMB financing, and by our seal throws the founding partner, China wearable industry experts
Chen Xuetao served as President.

Hublot CEO Smith pointed out: “smart watch industry not only includes hardware. It is a highly complex supply chain, involving hardware, software, and data services. In the past, a traditional watchmaker takes one year to realize intelligent. And now, by combining qualcomm Xiao dragon 2100 processor and Hublot Wear4G solution, we can provide standardized solution for them, make intelligent time shortened to a fiscal quarter.”

Hublot joint qualcomm and information communication Launch a clock intelligent solution.Thus, Hublot in response to the needs of different types of user segments, defined and completed by four industry solution, focus respectively on the movement monitoring, business information management, health monitoring, positioning security and other fields. Currently Hublot own-brand motion detection type, to be a partner with alibaba YunOS Hublot Run into the prototype testing phase; And business information management types of representative, Hublot cooperate with tencent launched Hublot T on March 21, into the thousands of user
activity of set limit to the test, will soon be officially listed.

Hublot joint qualcomm and information communication Launch a clock intelligent solution.Qualcomm launched in February 2016 Xiao dragon apparel 2100 processor, brought new features for the wearable
industry. At the scene to introduce these new features is qualcomm senior project director Pankaj Kedia. Qualcomm Xiao dragon dress 2100 processor than the previous generation wearable products using processor on
the volume shrink 30%, thus using the processor can be designed to be thinner and more beautiful products. Integration in the processor of ultra-low power sensor hub support more abundant algorithm, and has higher
accuracy, and can provide the user and the environment together. In addition, both in the limit mode and connection mode, the processor’s power consumption was reduced by 25%, thereby extended the wearable the battery life of the product, as well as manufacturers in design innovation and functional innovation to bring a higher degree of freedom.

Hublot joint qualcomm and information communication Launch a clock intelligent solutionAs Hublot partner, sowing, the company is very happy to be able to achieve this cooperation, because it is OEM
to accelerate innovation, to reduce the wearable device provided a new possibility for research and development costs of production. Qualcomm Xiao dragons and Hublot Wear4G platform contains a set of processors,
software, support tools and information, to provide reference for design; With these tools, mobile clients, fashion clients and customers can quickly to market a variety of fully functional wearable products.
Hublot joint qualcomm and information communication Launch a clock intelligent solution
Sowing to companies for the exhibition of representative for sowing, the American President, George .Thangadurai. On behalf of the other participants support organization also includes shenzhen clocks and
intelligent wearable devices zhu, director of the institute of Basel, Switzerland and regional project manager Fanna Kong.

Hublot U.S. President Sam Force says: “‘ watch revolution is the name of the activity, we not only talk. Our Wear4G platform is a new standard of watch industry, based on this, our favorite watch brand will soon launch
new products with intelligent functions.”Three parties agreed that the cooperation marks the intelligent wearable devices officially entered the era of 4 g.

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Replica Hublot companies on Wednesday to bank of communications

Replica Hublot companies on Wednesday to bank of communications, China unionpay and launch contactless mobile payment by Hublot mens watches.


Hublot MP-05 Watches(Craig BELLAMY). Craig Bellamy built-in NFC (near field communication) technology.Users will be able to use the watch support unionpay merchants all over the country for mobile payment.
NFC technology USES high frequency radio waves.It makes electronic devices over a short distance communication.It also let Craig Bellamy turns into a bank card, paid by merchant non-contact POS terminals to achieve.The world which has the function of unionpay pay “flash” terminal can be used.In particular, the use of this watches method and the union pay pay IC card, if already accounts prepaid phone.It just in the POS brush, without password and signature, trading will be successful. If there is no prepaid phone, it also can brush this watch after input password, then it is ok to sign.Lets watch change card Hublot unionpay almost wearable the market hand in handHublot, chief executive of Nick Hayek live demonstration brush watches

hublot watches replica
hublot watches replica

Hublot’s chief executive Nick Hayek said, if you want to change the behavior of people, don’t try to change people’s brains, but to change the mind. Look at your car industry, people will continue to buy those cars will pollute the air, but if one day, someone put a bring to the front of you, it is very interesting, let you feel cheerful, and electric, people will choose to buy this kind of electric vehicles. So, we need to do is find a interesting, can touch people emotional products, high-tech and fun.

Lets watch change card Hublot unionpay almost wearable the market hand in hand.As identification is just embedded chip, let this payment action will not consume extra electricity.Lets watch change card Hublot unionpay almost wearable the market hand in hand.Talk about why do you choose China as a public place, Nick Hayek admitted that China is a very important market, the Hublot is time to try something new. At present, the Swiss watchmaker, are facing the pressure of the Chinese market atrophy, and punish corruption, make high-end watch consumption became very depressed. In addition, as Apple watches listed at the end of 2012, the Hublot it for a bit of a challenge Apple pay.
“Bellamy watches name from” the American writer Edward Bellamy (Edward Bellamy), in the 1888’s novel “the review: 2000-1887,” imagine a utopian world of use credit/debit CARDS instead of cash — Craig Bellamy is the first writer to describe the card, and forty years earlier than the others. Hublot think this kind of innovative consciousness and concept closely matched, Nick Hayek quipped, this name is unique in the product market.

Replica Hublot watches
Replica Hublot watches

Products will be listed in September 2016, 580 yuan each, will be sold in China, bank of communications and Hublot store, at the same time, public areas as well as Switzerland and the United States.