Collect antique watches matters needing attention

Antique watches as a heavyweight investment works of art, from the mid – 1980 – s popular in the world, people are surprised to find that the United States of New York celebrities on the class, before world war ii, and guide for fashion. So, this kind of nostalgic tidal surge from the United States to the world.

Replica Hublot watches
Replica Hublot watches

In recent years, with the growing of horological collect, appear many horological collector, clock also attracted a lot of collection lovers. Replica Hublot watches collection is one of the main content of the collection clock, also some collector, especially just started collection of people care about and feel difficult. Each collection has its knowledge, antique watches is no exception.

Replica Hublot watches
Replica Hublot watches

The antique watches collection of attention mainly include the following:
Primary problem is to understand its origin, s, quality, function, design and mechanical structure, such as patience to check the dial, and movement after the board, and the clock and watch, watch case, etc., through its inscribe to decide whether to buy; Watch brand name spelled exactly like the one with the original, a slightly different has the problem, many fake watch dial is written in writing and imitation method to make.

Second, pay attention to its appearance include movement and shaft are in good condition, whether appearance have crack, deserve to act the role of whether complete, walking is accurate, and choose the style unique, rare, or set with jewels, coloured drawing or pattern and enamel, etc., and preferably from the famous clock. Don’t see the watch case light.

It is directly related to the antique watches collection value. If a watch dial is turned over a new and damaged, will make the value of the watches. If you get your hand watches is porcelain dial, be sure to see whether there is crack and spalling on the dial. Besides, the watches and on the name of the brand are marked on the dial and tag, carefully identify each letter, because some counterfeiters, often do little affectations in this respect.

Second, the clock is original. The clock of the clock style has many, their design style and appearance should be coordinated. For example, round only, the diamond, peach shape, etc. If the size or style of the pointer modification together, you can tell by comparing. In addition in the pocket watch, people will often see blue steel needle. The so-called blue steel needle, whose hands under a certain temperature sintering is a special blue. This represents a certain traditions and skills.

Three, in the clock case is generally marked with the manufacturer’s name at the bottom of the text, such as identification according to the text on the dial, experienced horological collector recognizably watchcase whether original or collector. Watch-making watchcase material varied, with gold and silver and metal on the watch case, buyers should know fairly well before buying. In addition, different areas of the production of watches have different, generally speaking, the goddess head, crown, charlotte said gold, ducks, lions and gentian flowers said silver.

Fourth, movement is the heart of the walking clock. Discern movement of true and false, especially her watch collection of antique watches is very important. In an antique watches, often appear with different brands and different sizes of movement to be modified, although the modified watches can also walk, but he’s not the original movement, it will thus be discounted value for collection. But collectors don’t have to worry about because of this, because the movement is the original can be identified. Most of the movement of the clock on the plywood is engraved with the names of the manufacturers, in the early days of the pocket watch, there will be the name of the producer. On some clocks movement, people can see all kinds of number. Some of these Numbers said movement unified specification number, others said produce year label, it is very helpful for antique watches collection.

Again, a collection of antique watches and other collections, want to choose topics, such as collection of watches, set foreign watches, set the watches, watches set art and so on. New collectors, antique watches to collect antique watches is advisable in the 1930 s to 50 s, when the antique watches design is not only more, and the price is moderate, money can afford.
A lot of brands with a long history are all have their own characteristics and style, as to how to choose and will see through the eyes of the individual. The antique watches is not cheap, but what’s play, also your by people. Actually, antique watches as an investment also is right choice.

Automatic chain system works

Mechanical automatic chain system operation principle is only one, is to use the movement of the wearer’s arm, make automatic in the system with gravity weight (metal is placed swing tuo), metal put tuo is not within the period of rotation so as to promote the system of lever, gear chain on the spring. At the moment, in the form of the design for replica hublot watches is different, the basic concept remains the same.


Only different mechanical automatic chain system only JLC Atoms air clock, using temperature change to make internal metal strip shape, the driving gear is given priority to spring on the chain, but not used for watches, otherwise will become “simply, make the gods cry”! System structure: all kinds of automatic chain collision tuo is between manual products, between the chain and automatic chain on one-way chain design, chain on performance is not perfect, using metal pendulum tuo in the movement chain named “bump” give priority to spring back and forth.

replica hublot watches
replica hublot watches

Bump tuo some teeth axis (red), direct drive a swing system teeth (yellow), so that they don’t swing up and down about 50 to 60 degrees or so, during the rotation axis core (blue) at the bottom of the gear chain mainly clockwork, inclined teeth (green) to ensure that the one-way chain. Chain performance is poor, “hit” to the adversary is not filled with chain.
Swing type automatic chain system: using the rotation of the pendulum tuo, promote a set of gears can be from side to side, the bidirectional mainly clockwork on chain. Is placed at the bottom of the vedas teeth (red) direct drive pinion before swinging gear set round (yellow) the power to give priority to spring on the chain.

Replica Hublot watches
Replica Hublot watches

When put tuo to another direction, swing gear set before pinion (red) for reversing work can only, swaying drive gears after pinion round (yellow) the power to give priority to spring on the chain.

Seiko use Magic Lever automatic chain system, the design is very simple, reliable and can be quickly dominated clockwork chain, but the torsion weak, when the mainspring has half full chain, may be more difficult to chain.

Magic Lever structure is very simple, a ‘Y’ in the shape of a Lever connected directly put tuo axis with the chain gear; Magic Lever is to set on the axial eccentric (red), when put tuo rotation, ‘Y’ shape Lever will not paragraph on “under the” Zuo Zuo chain gear (yellow/blue) chain on the spring.
IWC automatic chain system: woodpeckers principle is automatically put tuo behind one eccentric CAM, CAM rotation between two pulleys in “w” (blue) so as to promote the whole system, lever principle that system within the “bird tsui (black)” and “short bird mouth” (red) relative to move up and down continuously, the formation of “bird tip down”, “short bird mouth slides up”; “Short bird tsui” down, “long bird mouth” sliding upwards and kept pulling inclined teeth chain wheel (yellow) spring.

The reversing wheel automatic chain system: ETA automatic chain system, using the teeth (red) is placed at the bottom of the vedas, connected to the upper reversing wheel gear (yellow), turn left/right the reversing wheel whether put tuo, chain can give priority to spring.

Old girard-perregaux chain system on the reversing wheel automatically, ETA principle is the same, and both the reversing wheel for double design, very close to the upper teeth (blue), but does not only connect to put tuo bottom teeth, the lower is connected; The reversing wheel must be designed to turn up and down one of the chronological correlation, inverse time and space; Another on or off the inverse correlation, chronological idling. When put tuo reverse rotation (red), both the reversing wheel upper chronological rotation (yellow), right the reversing wheel moving up and down, turns the lower as chronological (black), pushed through the left turn the reversing bye lower inverse rotation (green).

When put tuo chronological rotation (red), both the reversing wheel upper reverse rotation (yellow), left the reversing wheel moving up and down, make the lower reverse rotation (green), the reversing wheel right lower chronological idling (black). In this way, the reversing wheel left lower forever when reverse rotation (green) chain on the spring.
Rolex on automatic chain system: the system principle of the reversing wheel is the same as the ETA, but different structures; Appearance will only find two red big gear in the rotation, but still can be two-way chain, the reason is the lower non-return wheel was red bull gear cover, from the bottom to see.

Put tuo power first sent to the first big red gear (blue), when the internal/external gear synchronous axis in the pinion (black) will drive the copper gear mainly clockwork chain (green); At this point, the other red bull gear in the reverse gear wheel will be bronze belt idling (black).
Semi-automatic system/one-way chain: as long as the system automatically installs a reversing wheel only (e.g. ETA7750) or use an oblique teeth (e.g. JLC 899) can be made into one-way automatic chain. Note: do not think the bidirectional automatic chain must be better than one-way automatic chain. Chain system of two-way efficiency when just on automatic list box will chain is better than a one-way, when worn on the hand, one-way bi-directional than at any time; Because people can have “Yin/ruthless forces”, these forces can make simple structure on the one-way chain more efficient.