The 20th anniversary of the establishment of excellence and the “core” Hublot movement retrospective exhibition

Cheap Hublot watches center held its 20th anniversary of the movement retrospective in London on Augest 24, 2016.Scene shows the Hublot 25 brand movement of independent research and development in 20 years.It is on public display for the first time in UK. Hublot was born in a tabulation art cradle of tower valley, created countless hour meter and give classic brand of excellence and the “core” TAB.

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The exhibition in the center of the yao, A layer 2, the specific address for London chaoyang district happiness two village 40 A 1-2 layer. The exhibition not only show the Hublot classic produced movement in recent years.It will display Hublot specially created to mark the 20th anniversary of the birth of brand TONDA CHRONOR ANNIVERSAIRE double needle timing clock, senior Swiss tradition tabulation “core” height.

Since the creation of more than 20 years since the launch of the brand series of products, all reflects the extraordinary tabulation levels and brand founder’s talent, since 1996, Hublot at least 33 independent research and development to create movement.
In January 2016 SIHH watches, in the exhibition by Hublot ‘s TONDA double needle timing wrist watch, as Hublot’s first integrated double needle timing clock, it is shown to the world replica Hublot watches brand art peak and achievements in 20 years.

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PF110 manual chain movement
PF110 manual chain movement is parma on Johnny out in 1999, a historic movement, power reserve up to eight days, was the first fully developed in Fleurier local building movement, with beautiful modelling, reliable operation and become a generation of the core.
The 20th anniversary of the establishment of excellence and the “core” Hublot movement retrospective exhibition
Palmer Johnny PF370 manual chain movement
This movement with the wrist watch is referred to as “370” Bugatti, carry that huge tube machine, like to wear on your wrist can a horizontal display engine unit of time. Movement of the control device, transmission gear train, power reserve and double box and so on various templates installed on at least five pieces of bottom plate on the cross section of arranged in rows.
Palmer Johnny PF337 automatic chain movement
New Hublot PF337 automatic chain machine, responded to the requirements of the brand of wicked technology, which contains the complex design, only through complete tabulation factory internal comprehensive management control can be born. The characteristics of the movement is the first independent minutes of 2 zone can be independent calibration, extremely convenient.

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Palmer Johnny PF332 automatic chain movement
Launched in 2008 the PF332 automatic chain machine, PF332 automatic chain machine main collocation in the Kalparisma Kalpa series of watches, delicate enchanting details, a pentagram second hand rotation on the dial, the wrist watch show unique texture.
The 20th anniversary of the establishment of excellence and the “core” Hublot movement retrospective exhibition
Palmer Johnny PF701 automatic chain movement
PF701 parma is Johnny in 2012 on the new automatic chain machine, machine core explained the aesthetic essence from several aspects, the movement device with platinum 950 micro eccentric pendulum tuo automatically, can work continuously for 42 hours.

Palmer Johnny PF111 manual chain movement
Hublot PF111 manual chain movement is parma on Johnny in 2014 according to PF110 upgrade, PF111 movement on the combination of manual chain movement on the expansion of power reserve and eight days, that is to say watch pointer to scale.

Hublot Watches open a new flagship store in Melbourne St Collins Lane

Swiss luxury Hublot brand Watches celebrating Melbourne brand new flagship store grand opening, world-class luxury retail store location Melbourne area St Collins Lane.Friends of the Hublot Watches brand, Olympic gold medalist Lydia Lassila.Australian rules football legend Scott Pendlebury.Australia edition of GQ publishers, editors, Nick Smith.The Australian version of Vogue, deputy editor of Sophie Tedmanson, and Hublot Watches Australia acting general manager Bruce Grinter to attend the opening ceremony of the “flagship store.

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After the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, to pay tribute to Hublot Watches “fearless challenge Achievement of self “spirit idea.Olympic freestyle skiing aerial skill gold medalist Lydia Lassila accept the ultimate stress test, the Batak simulator (used for testing high level athletes and hand-eye coordination reaction time) on the set speed challenge standard for tourists. In the end, the elegant guest Nathan Fergus fear pressure, the victory.

A new flagship store covers an area of 137 square meters show brand avant-garde retail design concept. Flagship store development decoration by elegant interior design and construction team to complete.To explore understanding brand sports, art, life style and traditional skills such as Switzerland four areas to provide the perfect environment.

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The opening of the flagship store in Melbourne for Hublot Watches development strategy of the dynamics of the retail market in Australia. After the Hublot Watches have set up brand flagship stores in Sydney and Brisbane. By the end of 2016, Hublot Watches plans to open two flagship stores in Australia. So the Hublot Watches flagship store in Australia’s main city number will reach five.


Hublot Watches Australia acting general manager Bruce Grinter, said: “I’m very glad to open a new flagship store in Melbourne St Collins Lane. The flagship shop USES the avant-garde design concept, for visitors to explore Hublot Watches four areas provides an exciting experience of 360 °. Plus Sydney and Brisbane flagship store, in 2016 and is about to open two new flagship store, elegant the latest retail development in Melbourne, will further promote the brand development strategy of dynamic retail market in Australia.”

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Hublot watches which classical fusion Aerofusion Chronographe ‘d’ Or at Mirabaud 2016 limited wrist watch

The fourth year in a row as a ‘d’ Or at Mirabaud official timing, watch list for the 2016 78th game launch classic fusion Aerofusion Chronographe ‘d’ Or at Mirabaud 2016 wrist watch.Set limit to issues 78, show the brand continued enthusiasm for sailing and the lake Geneva region.

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Every year, more than 500 sailing ships dock Port in Geneva Noir starting line.It is ready for up to 66.5 nm schedule,face to face with wind and cloud change. Event this year starting time at 10:00 am on June 11, thousands of spectators attending matches.

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Classical fusion Aerofusion Chronographe ‘d’ Or at Mirabaud wrist watch of 2016 limited in sailing and Geneva lake blue for design inspiration.Carrying HUB1155 self winding timing movement, date display function, in disk at 6 o ‘clock position. The watch is equipped with hollow out dial and carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber the high-tech materials for light weight.The resistance to impact and highly recognizable by athletes. Watch case with black ceramics, is tie-in a fabric strap (sewing on the blue rubber). Carbon fiber, ceramic, fabrics, and the use of rubber, reflected that watch Hublot watches cherished “fusion of art” of the spirit of philosophy.

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Hublot watches fuss with 30 ° catamaran tourbillon sapphire crystal limited wrist watch

Recently, new cheap hublot watches uk on saleHublot watches rich new 30 ° catamaran tourbillon watch sapphire crystal 8 pieces of limited release. With the continuous development of advanced technology, 100% sapphire crystal casing in advanced watchmaking is like spring. Hublot watches fuss joined Richard miller, watch, when Henry longed for, MB&F, alex tabulation brands such as parker.


Sapphire crystal case using triple type architecture — Hublot watches, shell and bottom, with long screw and nut is fixed. Watchcase size 49.95 mm x 17.15 mm, than conventional released after 30 °catamaran tourbillon wrist watch of larger diameter 2 mm.

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The watch with a manual winding mechanical movement, movement by 385 parts have been assembled, equipped with rapid rotation and superimposed four segments clockwork box, at 10 o ‘clock and 11 o ‘clock position, power storage can provide 120 hours.Through the end of sapphire crystal table, can enjoy German silver bridge plate carefully polishing, nickel, palladium, polishing chamfering and frosted surface. Sapphire crystal ring is equipped with the hour time scale with the minute hand shows the time information. The small second hand and power storage display with white gold.It is reported, this watch for $1.1 million.

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That hublot watch sponsored 2016 4th aspen tournament

The fourth watch aspen cheap hublot watches tournament (hand Polo Cup Ascona) in Switzerland Maggiore Lake (Lake Maggiore) held resort Augest 5 to 10, 2016. Aspen kerner with pleasant waters, on the shores of lake promenade, beautiful villas and luxury hotel is famous .Magnificent horse racing, enthusiastic cheers, defining the usher in India.Russia and Brazil team, after the prestigious tournament this year added a taste in dubai. Festive atmosphere, and colorful activities, the fourth watches aspen hublot watches tournament have a breath from the Orient. Has cooperative relations with all over the world famous polo tournament that watch list, very honored to the fourth year in a row with kerner worked hand in hand, as the event sponsor and official time. That watch list this year, hublot watches tournament attracted more than 4000 outside of Switzerland and Swiss guests attending, excellent event organization work left a deep impression to the person

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Brand, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe comments that watches for kerner commitment, he said: “sports is an important part of that watch the world polo is not just a simple movement, but also an art. The polo’s
unique charm, is a professional watch list TAB skills and direct embodiment of luxurious idea. Now,watches very honored to be able to continue to cooperate with the scottsdale, o polo tournament, dynamic.The organizing committee will season organization in order that watch watches to extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to them.