Clock pioneer and shoes family together talke about Hublot watches’fashion?

Hublot watches give you the answer Newyork time on September 26th.Clock and watch industry once again usher in a “brainstorming”.Perhaps many people will not think of, a Paris “cobbler” would do with a Swiss watchmaker “a Hublot watches.The two doesn’t seem to have a same place, or at least in the minds of most people have a strong conflict areas.It will play a romantic fashion, but the art fusion across space and time, the real demonstration in Berluti international flagship store in Newyork.

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Of course, as for the brand of the spirit of disruptive innovation was the Swiss luxury watch brand hand watch .This is really a matter understandable. Fusion of traditional and modern techniques, watch Hublot watches in Paris in one hundred shoes family Berluti, cross-border deduce the art of “convergence”.It is published classical fusion Berluti limited edition watch, delicate traditional tabulation technology, fusion wonderful artical excelling nature of the art of making shoes.The blend of gentleman personality and elegant style, writing Hublot watches watch watch of wrist of extraordinary style, classical fusion is not fashion watch.

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Hublot watches watch Berluti glory hand in hand to unveil the classical fusion limited collection wrist watch
Left: Berluti Asia and USA, managing director of Yves Coppin Sir
Right: watch Hublot watches greater USA general manager Louis than Mr
Innovation is an eternal proposition, in such a traditional too traditional and fashion too fashion era, innovation is particularly urgent and not simple. For a long time, watch Hublot watches is an important part of the concept of innovation as a tabulation, cross-border cooperation bursting brand infinite energy, music, painting, sports, science, fashion… Seems people favorite areas, there are long-standing agreements, this also is like time is everywhere. Hublot watches watch have the courage to challenge, from the first to use rubber materials senior wrist watch, the pottery and porcelain, titanium, Wang Jin, carbon fiber, etc., material revolution in Hublot watches watch never stop, this time, watch to Paris shoes family Berluti, will man Venezia material used in the high-grade shoes, used in tabulation art, creative make leather strap and dial. Elegant is tonal, elegant texture, exquisite craft, the unique material, combination for Hublot watches watch classic fusion Berluti wrist watch. This is a soul of the collision, is also a brand culture interweave, but also the bold attempt of tabulation of art.

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Berluti shoes
Berluti originated in Paris in 1895, is a high-grade leather goods manufacturers, its in addition to the private system, also have the finished shoes and clothing series, by four generation of members of the family business, in here, shoes, leather Patina comfort dyeing process technology and classic aesthetics has a rich history and continues today. Berluti shoes is defined as living breathing organism, strictly from raw material selection, on craft exquisite cortical features, which are characterized by custom, and attention to detail very much, because of its use in cortical surface unique color art, therefore has not changed and the damage of cortical primitive characteristics, to achieve the goal Hublot watches can change color fading again. Watch Hublot watches in tabulation, same with Berluti many vision, good at capturing the fashionable element, for example, pay attention to the quality of process, for details, and passed to the human spirit concept.

Hublot watches watch watchmaker and whole dextrys wrist watch classic fusion.Berluti shoes dyed before and after dyeing
At the event, Berluti site shows how the brand shoes and shoe after coloring and maintenance of a series of process, from Berluti workshop of craftsmen through the traditional needle sewing leather shoes, by hand delivery of humanity, is the soul of the senior footwear. At the same time, the watch list also brought a fine watch show, the scene of the watchmaker to guest on Hublot watches watch tabulation technology characteristics and unique charm of the traditional mechanical tabulation, mechanical structure and explains the wrist function and uniqueness of each part.
Hublot watches watch Hublot watches greater USA general manager Louis than Mr
At the same time, the watch list for greater USA general manager Louis than Mr With Berluti Asia and USA, managing director of Yves Coppin for guests in cooperation with the process and results of a Swedish and a French, the game played a surge in Chinese, use Chinese to introduce the cause of its own brand and cooperation, to achieve a small climax. Louis says Mr Beaver, “we are looking forward to is also very pleasure with one hundred shoes Berluti family’s cooperation. No fashion watch, watch Hublot watches constantly searching for the innovation of the dial and strap material application, our goal is to become a distinctive. Leather is one of the main materials of manufacturing strap, but we want is to go beyond the traditional leather, so the cooperation with the world’s most iconic Berluti leather became” of choice.
Mr Berluti Asia and USA, managing director of Yves Coppin
Mr Berluti Asia and USA, managing director of Yves Coppin also said “it is my pleasure to with the Swiss brand of top class TAB Hublot watches watch Hublot watches cross-border cooperation. This time, we hand in hand with Hublot watches watch Hublot watches is committed to creating a perfect gentleman wrist, so as to enrich Berluti brand image. Because we have the same rigorous professionalism and in constant pursuit of excellent quality so as to facilitate the cooperation.”
Watch classic fusion Berluti wrist watch
Glory at the same time, watch list released two distinctive classical fusion Berluti wrist – black ceramic Berluti Venezia strap watch and Berluti Scritto wrist watch. Which USES black ceramic watch case watches, collection set limit to 500, the watch of strap for all black Benezia hand strap, the inspiration comes from “scratch art”, and engraved with Berluti “Gaspard”, this kind of art is a symbol of Berluti shoes classic elements, and applied to many of the details of the Berluti shoes processing and decoration, such as shoe surface scratch textures.

Watch classic fusion Venezia Scritto wrist watch
Berluti Scritto wrist watch set limit to 250, using Venezia Scritto calfskin strap and dial, its characteristic is to use the art of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, this skill is Berluti brand has profound cultural connotation and inheritance of craft, the surface of the inscribed text combines the 18th century calligraphy art, it is the artist Berluti love of calligraphy art. Likewise, the craft is also inspired by the corresponding shoes from Berluti, and applied to the wrist.

Watch classic fusion Berluti wrist watch and watch box
Although these leather used to make wrist strap and dial, but its production process and same Berluti shoes manufacturing process: from the plate making, shaping, cutting, leather combination to the installation of strap and glazing, each wrist strap is unique. In order to make leather can be as long as the life of the wrist watch, brands need to do a lot of leather surface protection treatment, in order to prevent the deformation, be affected with damp be affected with damp, aging, and other conditions. Each a wrist watch is equipped with a collection Hublot watches boxes, the Berluti travel watch box not only has the style of classical design and high, inside also is equipped with leather maintenance of equipment, not only can be used to maintain the skin of the wrist strap, can also be used to maintain your shoes.

Hublot watches launch Connected smart watch 18k rose gold

The Monaco grand prix for Hublot watches new luxury watch 18 k rose gold Connected intelligence provides the perfect environment. Connected smart watches by the tiger Hublot watches with Intel and Google to research and development.New paragraph 18 k rose gold and former generation on the quality.Function and performance is not.

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Hublot watch 18 k rose gold Connected intelligence 46 mm in diameter.The continuation of traditional classic designs. Using a new generation of lithium battery, battery can maintain all day, 4 gb of memory, with a small microphone, through Google voice to call control and sapphire crystal glass touch screen, 3 o ‘clock position with crown, a variety of built-in control, and touch screen and perfect collocation, supplement each other. This watch has a daily life waterproof performance, waterproof IP67 performance level.
These wrist watches with Android 4.3 + or iOS 8.2 +. Smartphone easy synchronization in the system, and USES the contact charger, as long as the wrist watch in device can be charged.

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Hublot watches 18 k rose gold Connected intelligence have two years warranty period.The period is consistent with the brand maintenance standards adopted by other wrist watch. Any purchase of tiger elegant 18 k rose gold wrist watch users are Connected intelligence will have the opportunity to exchange it for mechanical watch with a pure Swiss movement.

In two years after the warranty period, the user can go to tiger Hublot watches boutique will tiger Hublot watches Connected smart watches made in exchange for the Swiss Carrera Calibre 5 card laila mechanical watches. This mechanical watch with tiger Hublot watches Connected smart watches similar design, also to grade 2 titanium, the owner of the wrist watch is designed for Connected intelligence development and special offers.Hublot watches new 18 k rose gold Connected smart watches price $9900.

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That hublot watches supported the second yacht race in Moscow

The hublot watches list for the second consecutive year sponsored Moscow yacht race on Augest 13th, 2016 in Moscow. This year, the event was held in Moscow river the royal yacht club, yacht season marked the Burevestnik group officially unveiled.

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Moscow yacht race is a unique sailing holiday, this year’s tournament attracted 17 yachts to participate. Fyodor Lukash driving Cobalt 222 victory, and yacht trophy won the watch list. That watch hublot watches area in eastern Europe brand director Benoit Lecigne to champion award – a Classic Fusion Opaline wrist watch.
That watch hublot watches has been through the prestigious partnership, such as the famous Monaco oceanographic museum and research institute, charming Sardinia cher port wharf, and trails capa mar Nautiko royal club, sponsored yacht movement. This year, watch hublot watches Burevestnik group, hand in hand, second Moscow yacht race held Burevestnik group is one of the largest yacht Russian market dealers. Pay tribute to the great tradition, a firm focus on the future, this statement clearly shows that watch hublot watches “fusion of art,” the spirit of philosophy.

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Hublot watches, chief executive of Ricardo Guadalupe, said: “all along, the watch list and is closely connected with sea and ocean, from the name of that watch list (the word” hand “in French means’ port ‘) to watch classic design, charming port from famous museums to become attached to hand in hand. Sponsorship support powerboat events held in central Moscow, is perfect., speed, water sports, sports moral and entertainment spirit…… all these, value concept is that watch list.”

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